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Globally renowned interior designer and former host of the Living Large design and lifestyle show Karen Mills shares her exclusive designer secrets and shortcuts
to giving your living room a
in this exciting video demo of an actual room.

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Inspiration, Color Scheme
& Space Planning

Inspiration for a color scheme can be found everywhere from a beautiful piece of art, rug or jewelry to the clothing in your closet! But the trick lies in coordinating your inspiration piece with the architecture, color, finishes, and existing furnishings to create the room of your dreams that can speak to your soul.

Other considerations when space planning include balancing your furniture in the room along with emphasizing your focal point, but I also include two of my designer secrets to success when making over a room that you don't want to miss.

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Furniture Coordination
& Mixing Patterns

Besides being balanced in a room, furniture also needs to coordinate with your other furnishing styles, finishes, color and size to create a cohesive inviting space. And accomplishing that feat can be tricky for most people, if not impossible. But don't fear because in this demo I will begin to reveal some insights that you will find helpful in your quest for beautiful interior design.

In this informative and insightful demo, I also briefly discuss how to mix patterns into your interior design, while adding tips for layering in tables to create a more finished look. At the same time, I demonstrate how to coordinate your interior design furnishings to create a more inviting harmonious space.

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Layer in Rugs, Art,
Lighting & Table/Shelf Decor

Area rugs help define seating areas in an open floor plan, while also grounding your space. Art and decor showcase your personal style and lighting brings it all to life.

Karen demonstrates how to use area rugs effectively along with giving insight on coordinating artwork, tabletop/shelf decorating, and layering in lighting to create a beautiful space.

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Tired of your living room's ugly or dated interior design but don't want to hire a professional interior designer?

Thinking about pursuing a career in interior decorating but not sure you will like the work? Then it's time to go behind the scenes with Karen Mills now to learn her designer secrets to beautiful interior design in a video format where you can learn faster and easier!

A state-certified instructor, Karen Mills uses her professional training and interior design experience running a design firm for over 20 years to show you how to create a beautiful space in a day or less using your furnishings. So why not learn how to do it right the first time from one of the world's top interior designers instead of wasting time trying to figure it out yourself?

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