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Was thrilled when a client shared that she learned enough about space planning from me, she felt confident enough to tackle the last phase with me as just an advisor. So, she did. And it looks great!

Karen Mills

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Ready to Take the Next Step? Jumpstart Your Design with This Guide!

Learn the hidden formula and design tips that celebrity designers across the globe use to create award-winning interiors that are both beautiful and inviting now.  

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I'm Karen Mills

According to international book publishers Architecture Today Interior Design, "Karen Mills has a passion for helping people live better whether it’s creating an extraordinary living experience or giving back to her community."

But Mills is best known for hosting Living Large, a design program touted by Wikipedia alongside Martha Stewart Living, as one of the best on-air U.S. lifestyle shows and as a globally renowned interior designer who's been featured over 170 times in the news.

Karen has also been a media spokesperson for national brands including Sherwin Williams, Kohler, GE, and Ferguson, pens an award-winning blog, and has won numerous awards including the national 2021 Enterprising Women of the Year. But the thing she's most excited about is her new charitable cause, Karen's Kids.


⌂ The #1 strategy for a successful interior design

⌂ Top secret tips from designers around the globe

⌂ How to pre-plan to avoid costly mistakes or regret

⌂ College-level content by a state-certified instructor and professional designer

⌂ Guidelines for measuring like a pro

⌂ Designer secrets and shortcuts on how to space plan better and faster

⌂ How to define your needs and top priorities to ensure your room functions well for you

⌂ Why a focal point is key and how to use effectively

⌂ How to sketch a floorplan the right way

⌂ Type of furniture to include, where to place the furniture, and why it's important

⌂ How to layer in additional furnishings

⌂ The secret to creating an overall cohesive look

⌂ A proprietary teaching method that helps make learning easier and faster

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Well planned living spaces are more functional, comfortable, and inviting which can help alleviate stress and provide a great place to relax."

Karen Mills

Feel Overwhelmed?

You're not alone. As an award-winning designer who's done over 1300 projects, I've had countless homeowners share how they not only felt overwhelmed but had no clue where to start.

That's why I'm so excited to share my "Complete Guide to Space Planning Your Living Room" developed over the past 20 years as a professional designer to help guide you through the space planning design process so you can win the battle against overwhelm to create a beautiful room that brings you joy and makes staying home much more enjoyable!

Tired of Costly Mistakes and Wasting Time?

I understand. Mistakes aren't just exhausting but can cost you thousands of dollars and a lifetime of regret.

Someone once told me the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

So, if you're tired of beating your head against the wall and wasting time, why not learn the basic tenets of design with space planning?

And then when people ask you can say "I did it myself!"

Embarassed of Your Home?

Want to have family and friends over to celebrate a special occasion or for no reason at all, but have a home that's undone, unattractive, or just dated?

I understand. Being proud of your home when people come to visit is one of the most powerful motivators for re-designing your home and one of the most compelling reasons our firm gets called upon to help.

That's why I created the "Complete Guide to Space Planning Your Living Room" to help you learn and apply the secrets to a creating a home you're proud to show off!

"Well planned living spaces are more functional, comfortable, and inviting which can help alleviate stress and provide a great place to relax."

Karen Mills


* Not enough time? You can't afford not to do this if you want to avoid costly mistakes.


The Complete Guide to Space Planning Your Living Room"

‣ Rewatching HGTV episodes hoping for inspiration without success

‣ Pinterest board full but nothing works

‣ Countless hours gathering information

‣ Costly mistakes are killing you

‣ Another failed attempt at buying

The Complete Guide to Space Planning Your Living Room"

‣ Being proud to give a tour of your living room

‣ Being able to say you did it yourself

‣ Wanting to stay home more because you love your living room

‣ Feeling confident in your decorating skills

‣ Gaining a sense of accomplishment

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