Designing a Better World

Join us in winning the
battle to help restore
lost children.

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Decorating Pro Founder

Raised by a family that believed in giving back, volunteering has been woven into the fabric of Karen Mills' life since childhood.

Karen has spent over 30 years helping women and children living with abuse - physical, emotional, and/or sexual, break free along with leading an emotional trauma team, acting as a spokesperson, emcee, marketing director, team leader, and/or board member for charities, while also helping victims one on one.

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Our Mission

Our core mission is to help win the battle against child trafficking/lost children by providing financial support to this worthy cause. We are also asking our community of design students to join us in the fight.

Our goal for these lost kids is to help provide support for a safe, nurturing, and loving environment where they can find hope, healing, and a better life.

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Our Positioning Statement

We are dedicated to helping restore lost children, both trafficked and throw away. 100% of the money we raise will go for this cause. We will also be working to raise awareness of child predators and how to keep our children safe.

What makes this program unique is that the students of The Decorating Pro membership will be coming together to help make the world a safer place for children along with The Decorating Pro, who will be donating a portion of the net profits from The Decorating Pro membership.

Learn more details about what we're doing to help below.

More About Our Charitable Cause

Thousands of children go missing every year. Often children are swept into the hands of those who entice children to leave their homes or place of security in search of a better life. Sadly, many of these runaway or throwaway children fall for the lies and deceit of their abusers.

Within weeks, these child victims encounter maltreatment, neglect, physical, and emotional abuse. Frequently, they try to get escape but can't. The abuse intensifies and often children die at the hand of their abusers.

Law enforcement recovers these children through extensive investigations. Once a child is rescued, clothing is taken as evidence, along with all items in the child’s procession. So, these children are left with only the scars of abuse and neglect.

Right now, we are helping in the fight by providing funds for new clothing and basic personal needs for these children. As our donations grow, we plan to expand our financial support to other areas where there's also a gap that needs filled.

We encourage you to join us in helping these children get a fresh start by making a donation or helping your children join in the cause by having a fundraiser.

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On a beautiful sunny day, little 9-year-old Sheila was innocently playing outside on the school playground. Running to chase a ball that got close to the street, she was suddenly snatched by a man in a black vehicle, who sped off before anyone could save her. The police arrived on the scene and began their search for Sheila, but without success.

Three months later, officials got a hot tip that led them to another state where law enforcement was able to devise a rescue plan from the home where she was held captive. When officials arrived, they found Sheila in a hidden part of the house and returned her to her family, but by then the damage had already been done.

After being kidnapped, abused and tormented by her perpetrators, Sheila did eventually recover physically, but the emotional scars still remained. And unfortunately, this story is just one of countless other devastating stories of child abuse here in the U.S. and abroad.


We are currently working with highly decorated retired law enforcement with decades of experience in crimes against children on the global, state, and local levels to help guide us in our mission to aid exploited or lost children.