According to the international book publishers of Architecture Today Interior Design "Karen Mills has a passion for helping people live better whether it’s creating an extraordinary living experience or giving back to her community." The international book publishers of Design Icons agree, adding that Karen also "creates interiors that nurture the soul and reduce stress."

Helping people live better is why I've been working on a solution for interior decorating or staging for resale students to learn design easier and faster than traditional education methods. After designing a state accredited home staging/styling for resale course for realtors, homeowners and fans of my design show also expressed interest in learning how to decorate professionally.

That’s why I'm launching the Decorating Pro membership model that could be the perfect fit for you whether you are a homeowner, realtor, or aspiring interior decorator.

Make It A Career

Do you want to start an exciting new profession as an interior decorating pro or home staging pro full or part time at your own pace?

Decorate Your Own Home

Are you a design lover that wants to learn how to decorate like a pro so you can create a beautiful home of your own whether for an existing space, new build, or renovation?

Real Estate

Are you a realtor wanting to learn how to stage like a pro to have more success with selling your residential listings faster and for more money?

If your answer to any of these three questions is yes, The Decorating Pro membership is a perfect fit for you.

Why? Because we can help you win the battle against an unattractive space by acting as your guide to create a master plan of action so you can avoid failure and tell your own story through design or someone else's.

If you attempt to decorate or stage as an amateur, you will likely:
- experience stress
- lose precious time
- feel overwhelmed
- make costly mistakes

Our interior design clients shared they felt the same way prior to hiring us. Of course, you can hire a professional interior designer, or you can join our membership for a fraction of the cost and learn a fun new skill.

By joining our membership, you get to:
- learn to design on your own timetable
- design in a way that adds value for resale
- use milestones to measure your progress
- join a like-minded community of students who will
celebrate your wins and support your journey
- save time in decision making
- reduce stress
- help alleviate overwhelm
- be more confident in your decorating decisions
- avoid costly mistakes
-learn how to create a nurturing space of your own
- pay a fraction of the cost of professional help or a college education.
-have fun
-gain a sense of accomplishment
- learn from a globally renowned designer
- learn how to update your interior by determining what to keep and what to replace

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Bachelor's Degree Costs


Average 2022 cost for a bachelor's degree in Interior Design (direct/indirect costs) ranges from:

$108,400 - $343,420

Founding members = $27 per month lifetime price

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Hiring a Professional


Hiring an experienced talented interior designer to design a living room with architectural features, furnishings, art, rugs, and wallcoverings along with ensuring the room is functional and beautiful can range from (cost of goods not included):

$10-$30k per room or 25-40% of total costs.

Founding Members = $27 per month lifetime price.

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Staging for Resale Costs


2021 RESA survey of 4600 staged properties
➪ 73% sold over list price
➪ sold 9 days faster

Houses professionally staged prior to listing make a better first impression, driving up the demand and sales price.

Founding members = $27 per month lifetime price

The Decorating Pro membership includes:

Self-paced membership taught in an easy to learn proprietary method developed from years of field experience and 1700 completed projects that help ensure success with staging or decorating. Membership includes:

1. Interior decorating topics shared in an easy to learn method online by globally renowned interior designer and state certified educator including:

color schemes & coordination- space planning - design styles -shelf/table decorating - lighting - flooring -window covering types & when to use - wall covering types and when to use - furniture selection/mixing - elements of design - principles of design - fabric selection/matching - and much more!

2. Staggered Learning Stages based on your skill level with milestones/quizzes to help ensure success

3. Support from a professional designer that includes live bi-monthly Q&A sessions online.

4. Additional design content bonuses monthly

5. Insights for creating an inviting calming interior
6. Private friendly Facebook community of fellow design students

7. Community/design support from fellow students

8. Ability to learn interior decorating at your own pace

9. Ability to learn using real-world examples of interior design projects.

10. Designer insider secrets and shortcuts to for success

Guidance by a Globally Recognized Interior Designer

In this self paced membership Karen Mills shares her own inside design secrets and shortcuts learned over the past 22 years and innumerable interior design projects that isn't taught in design school to help you learn how to decorate (or stage) like a pro faster and better.

Mills will also host regular question and answer sessions bimonthly, use beautiful real-life examples, and advise you on how to avoid costly mistakes, while saving time and stress.

Self-paced Learning for Different Skill Levels

After studying interior design in college and teaching professionally Karen Mills has realized that we all learn at a different pace and that's why she offers different starting points for joining the membership whether you're understand some decorating or are just getting started.

Mills also understands that students learn in different ways whether visually or orally so a combination of methods will be used to enhance learning.

Want or Need More?!

Using her experience as a professional coach, award winning interior designer, certified educator, and interior design expert for TV, radio, and print, Karen Mills will provide private coaching as an add on service to help you get to the next level quicker.

Coaching topics may include:

- How to launch your own decorating (staging) firm
- How to get free publicity and brand?
- Assistance with completing your home project

We will be happy to answer your questions!

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